Totally isolating users in teams

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Is it possible to totally isolate members from teams?. I know you can restrict speaking members of one team to the other one… but can be avoided people from one team… to see users of other team?. For example for avoid seeing users outside the team to users inside a team?.

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Hi @egoitz! Thank you for reaching out.

Can you help share an example use case for this idea?


Thanks a lot for answer it. Imagine I’m User from tema 1. If i click add member to the team, even when not being admin User, I can see which other users exist on the server.

It would be very desirable to only be able to interact with the own team’s users.

Hope have explained better now…


Hi @egoitz! Thank you for the additional information.

There is a setting here that might help:

We are currently also exploring other alternatives, such as single and multi-channel guest accounts:

Other than that, I believe we don’t currently have support for this specific feature. If you’d like, you can contribute this in the feature idea forum. If you do so please include a link back to this Forum issue.

Let me know any questions!

Thank you so much really!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: