Mattermosr user isolation


Referring to :

Has anything changed in newer versions?. I can’t see it… but in case I have unknown something new in Mattermost…


With Enterprise could it be possible?

Hi, @egoitzr

I referred to the original post you made in which Amy has provided some suggestions to you here:

There is a setting here that might help: .

We are currently also exploring other alternatives, such as single and multi-channel guest accounts: .

Apart from that, we don’t have any new features that caters to the requirement yet. May I know if you have looked at any of the options above?

Nope sorry… I think they aren’t valid for me…

I have totally independent domains for which I planned creating a team for each of them. Later I planned to add each user to it’s only team and make teams that had the property allow_open_invite to false (instead of true with domain restriction). The problem I’m facing is that the users are gitlab users, so it seems I can’t create them and then join them to a team (for avoiding the team selection page).

Am I wrong?. Can I do this in some manner?.