Restricted user accounts

We really need restricted user aka. guest sccounts. Users can be invited to a team, but can’t access (can’t see) channels. The admin can then delegate access to channels. It’s perfect to get freelancers onboard.

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Hi @tronic, appreciate the feedback, linking this to existing feature idea so we can bring the upvotes and the discussion together.

Any news about restricted user accounts?
We are waiting this feature to open mattermost for all our users. :slightly_smiling:

Hi @Trash,

Restricted user accounts are planned, but the specification hasn’t been completed yet. There’s some infrastructure work that needs to be finished before this feature can be added (user roles, corresponding permissions, how to operate in mixed authentication systems for restricted accounts, etc.).

After the spec is finalized it would take at least one monthly release to complete this feature.

Could you share more about your use case? Perhaps there are alternatives to consider, or perhaps the feature could be reduced in scope to achieve what’s needed.

Hi @lfbrock,
thanks for the reply…

We need an open chat using mattermost where members are treated as guest. They don’t share any information each other and the only purpose is to enter in that community chatroom or be contacted by our team/staff and talk in the open chat. No access to any kind of setting of the channel. We need to directly point guest visiting the project to that open guest chat to lower the entry barrier (registration choosing a team etc…) of the project.