Restricting access to channels to some users

Hi, I would like to give specific users access only to some channels (that relate to them) within a team,
is that something that can be done?

Hi shluchimtalk,

Welcome to Mattermost Forum. You can restrict user access, to private channels. Take a look at

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@andrew.bimba Thank you for this, However I am looking for something different.

I have a team that I want everyone to have access to all the public channels (and obviously keep them separate from others) however there is a topic (for which a new channel was created) that I want to invite an outsider to collaborate with the team on it and I want to give him access to that channel only and no other chanel.
Is that doable?

I see now there is a option to add guests
However I am not seeing this option in my system console to enable it. (changed setting to true like "GuestAccountsSettings": { "Enable": true, "AllowEmailAccounts": true, "EnforceMultifactorAuthentication": false, "RestrictCreationToDomains":
But nothing changed.

EDIT: Realized I do not have enterprise so cannot use the guest option.

@shluchimtalk, yes you require an E10 or higher license to use the guest account functionality.

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You may be able to start your free trial of the E10 or other enterprise editions to temporarily enable this feature until the trial ends! This option, if you have not already used your free trial, could allow you to use enterprise features with a guest for a duration of time.