How to control access to team and channel by the admin only


In my French association, we have recently discivred, tested, installed and used Mattermost that we fully appreciated.
there is only one point for the “team” version: is there a way to provide only to admin the right to add or remove user from one team, or from one private channel?

Thanks for your support

unfortunately are these features only available in the E10 or E20 version.

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Thx for your answer
No way to have only a simple access restriction allowing only the admin to do that?

Version E10 is too much expansive for a non profit asso like us. Never mind.

Hi there, @Robin

May I know if you would consider applying for non-profit E10 licensing offering we have here for Mattermost?

This might be able to cater for the requirement that you have with the implementation of Permissions. Let me know if I can assist you in any way. Thanks.

Hi @ahmaddanial
Thank you for your anwser.
It is possible to contact you in MP to better understand how to do?
Thx again

we have applied for the non profit association licence: thx
As 250€ fee is quite expensive for our non profit association, please tell me if it is possible to find an arrangement.
You can contact me at rmanal at, as writtent in the form.
thank you in advance

Hi, @Robin

You are most welcome. Before I reach out to the Sales team for further assistance, may I know exactly your questions and concerns in regards to the license besides the pricing as it is the standard rate under the What’s included section of the Mattermost for Nonprofits page I shared?

Hi and thx for your answer.
My only concern is the price, as we don’t have a lot of incoming, only from volunteer. So I fully recognize the price is reasonable, nevertheless in our budget it represents a big part. So my question about it.

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