Couple of questions on features

Hey , nice software u have there . Thanks for making it open source. Got some questions after i installed mattermost free edition.

Can i promote someone to a specific channel as moderator?
Can i disallow people to create their own team (server) ?
Can i disallow people to create their own channel, edit header, edit users basically everything i just want them to be able to chat on the channels i (admin) add them on the server i(admin) have created? .

I (the admin) just want to set up the team(server) , create public and private channels, assign moderators to those channels (so they can edit, delete, ban users) and that’s it , user will only have permission to chat , edit , delete and that’s all .
All the users will be coming from my openLDAP server if that makes any difference.

Hi, @Steve

You are welcome and thanks for the compliment! With reference to the questions that you have here:

Take note that the advanced permission feature is only available for E10 / E20 offering. I’d recommend you to check on the the FREE 30-day trial and play around with the features available to understand them better. Hope that helps.