Users can kick other users off a channel

I set up info channels for all teams in our company (Info IT, Info Marketing etc) under a main team where everybody is in.
All company team members are members of their own channel, others can come, ask questions and leave again. Teams can put informative text into their own channel for others to read.
This seemed to be as perfect as it can be for our needs… until I found out that even in the enterprise version every member of a channel can kick out everyone else, even system administrators, without any warning!? I have resticted everything to system administrator, but there is no option for this case.
How can I restrict that very strange possibility?

Is there any other way to contact a team via Mattermost if you dont know who belongs to that team? Can I create read-only channels? Both seem to be common tasks in a company.

Hi @VincentVegas,

Thanks for your feedback,

You don’t mention which server version of Mattermost you have installed? v4.9 released today (April 16th) and, in the Enterprise edition, you can set specific permissions from System Console > Settings > Policy

Let us know how it goes after you’ve upgraded.


Hi Lindy,

I updated to the latest version, problem still exists. There is no setting for this. is a standard user in an open channel.
Why does he see options to manage members?


And why is he able to remove members?



Thanks for the feedback @VincentVegas,

Are you using the Enterprise or Team edition of Mattermost?

There is a setting “Enable managing of private channel members” but that’s obviously not meant for open channels.

We use the trial license at the moment if that is of any importance.
Does noboby else have these options in an open channel menu?


Hi @VincentVegas,

You have an enterprise trial licence correct? Do you see a Policy section in your System Console? From within the Policy section, you can set options for public channels.

Please let me ask to confirm:

  1. controlling if any users can remove any other members from a public channel is one of limited functions on the Enterprise Edition.
    in other words, using Team Edition, any user can remove any other members from any public or private channels, and no limitation for that on the Team Edition. correct?

  2. Is the mentioned policy setting for a public channel documented anywhere in documentations?

ps. I’m using v4.6.3 team edition, and can’t see the policy setting in the system console.
I’m hesitating to upgrade to newer versions with broadened Enterprise Edition only functions.

Hi @Satoshi.Suzuki,

Thanks for your questions,

I think this documentation is what you’re looking for?

I wonder why you behave as if this was a settings problem.
I described the problem in detail, even with screenshots.
Anyone with experience with the system should be able to easily understand this or simply test whether the problem also occurs with him. Why do we keep asking the same questions and making the same suggestions instead? Are you a bot? :slight_smile:

I got this answer from support:
Thanks for reaching out. We’re currently working on an improved permissions system that will include the ability to prevent users from kicking other users out of a channel which is targeted for an early Q3 release.

In other words: It is NOT possible to change this behaviour via settings.


Hi @VincentVegas

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No, I am not a bot… I am a real live person - Lindy… And no offense taken by your response by the way…

I was simply answering the question Satoshi asked about where he could find documentation on the policy settings…

I wish you a pleasant Monday and hope your mood improves heading towards Friday :wink:

My mood is a ok. :slight_smile:
But Satoshi will NOT find the setting he asked for in that documentation.

There is no setting for disabling “any user can remove any other members from any public channel”. That is the simple answer.

Thanks @VincentVegas,

Appreciate your feedback :+1:t2:

@VincentVegas Thomas,
Thank you very much for your feedback and so kind responses.
I hope your support mentioned improvement for this matter would be provided for the Team Edition also.

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Hello folks,

We just came across this issue in 5.10.0. Has this bug ever been fixed and came back or maybe it was never picked?

Best regards

Hi @piotr.wegert,

You can adjust the permissions for removing other users from channels with Advanced Permissions (enterprise feature):

Hello Amy,

Thank you for such a quick reply. Unfortunately we’re not on the enterprise edition (and as far as I know we’re not planning to switch).

Is there any other way or workaround to do this?