Debugging 'channel_loader.socketError'


In our logs we see a variety of critical ‘channel_loader.socketError’ issues.

Steps to reproduce


Expected behavior

Ability to see what is causing the socket errors to happen

Observed behavior

Seeing a variety of critical ‘channel_loader.socketError’ log statements.

We’re on version 5.18.2, but have been seeing these errors for a lengthy amount of time.

Would you be open to take a look at our troubleshooting docs to see if this could be a websocket related issue:

We have about 5,000 users at the moment. We get roughly 25 of these errors a day and are yet to receive any support requests about issues relating to this. We can’t really run the troubleshooting information because of this.

SiteUrl: https://mattermost.example.domain
ListenAddress: :8000
AllowCorsFrom: ""
WebsocketSecurePort: 433,
WebsocketPort: 80

The nginx log has no errors being posted and we’re just using the default nginx configuration. The fact it’s working in the vast majority of cases (>99.9%) I’m happy for us to put it down to network instability / similar.