Design Preview: Editing attachments for sent messages

Hello! Editing attachments on older posts is a feature that we’ve been missing and have been getting a lot of requests for and the design team has been working on a solution that we’d like to share out in the open.

If you’re interested in this feature, we’d love your feedback. Below is a quick summary of the feature. We’re also working on a more in-depth UX specification here if you want to get in to the details.

Editing a message and its attachments

To edit attachments, users can edit a message as they normally would through the message actions menu.

Adding an attachment to a message

While editing a message, new attachments can be added by clicking the paperclip icon button.

  • This will open the OS dialog to choose a file to upload.
  • Additionally, users can drag a file in to editable area of the message they’re editing to attach a file.

Drag & Drop

When editing a message in a channel or thread, a new drag-and-drop-zone will be added to the input to better facilitate adding attachments while editing.

This allows users to drag it to the specific post they want.

Deleting an attachment from a message

While editing a message, attached files show in the editable area of the message with an x icon in the top-right corner.

  • Clicking it will remove the attachment, but it will only be removed if the user clicks on save.

Edit history

Attachment changes should be reflected in the message’s edit history RHS view.

Additional controls on the edit state

On the edit state, we will show the same controls as are available when creating a post, apart from the send message, which is replaced by a save and cancel button on both Desktop and Mobile.

Mobile screenshots

Let us know what you think

So, that’s a very quick summary of the feature. Is this a feature you would find value in? We’d love to hear from you.

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