Design Preview: Scheduled Messages

Hello! Scheduled messages is a feature that we’ve received a lot of requests for and the design team has been working on solutions that we’d like to share out in the open. If you’re interested in this feature, we’d love your feedback. Below is a quick summary of the feature. We’re also working on a more in-depth UX specification here if you want to get in to the details.

Send a message for a later time/date

The first noticeable change you’ll see in the proposed design is the send button will be a new segmented control that gives users the ability to open a new ‘Schedule message’ menu to choose preset scheduled times or to select a custom time to send the message.

Options in this menu will display dynamically as follows:

  • Tomorrow at 9:00 AM will always be the first option
  • Monday at 9:00 AM will only show as an option if it’s Friday or Saturday
  • If the user had recently chosen a custom scheduled time, that time will show as an option in the menu as well.

When this menu is engaged, the menu will focus on the first item (Tomorrow at 9:00 AM) by default and a quick ‘ENTER’ on the keyboard will schedule it. UP and DOWN on the keyboard will also navigate through the options in the menu, while ESC will close it.

Users can choose a custom date and time through the Schedule message dialog.

When a message is scheduled, a notice appears above the message input box letting the user know they have a scheduled message in this channel.

Viewing scheduled messages in the Drafts view

All scheduled messages will then be accessible through the existing ‘Drafts’ view with identifying labels for scheduled messages along with the date/time they will be sent. From here, users will be able to change the schedule, edit the message content, or delete the message

Let us know what you think

So, that’s a very quick summary of the feature. Is this a feature you would find value in? We’d love to hear from you.


Looks awesome and well thought out. Been waiting for this; please implement immediately!

Thanks @BeenJammin, I’m really glad you see the value in the feature proposal. I’d be curious to hear more about the use cases you imagine using scheduled messages for. Are there specific scenarios where you often need this solution?

I just work later than most of my team, so I’d really like the ability to send something to the group, but not ping everyone when they are all off work. I don’t need anything fancy really, just a scheduled send that gets to everyone the next day when they are back at work.

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