Dialog submission don't work from Threads


I don’t receive any call if the user submit a dialog by opening the post from the Threads menu. Could you please fix this


There’s a decent chance the dialog is mounting outside of the form, so a submit button within the dialog wouldn’t actually be within the form and therefore won’t submit it. I don’t know MUI too well, but there might be a prop that makes the dialog render in the same place as the button that initialises it. Failing that, you’ll likely need create an onSubmit function that submits your form and call it from within your dialog. You may need to pass this function as a prop to your dialog depending on how you’ve structured these components.

So, I checked the call made when I submit the dialog. The channel ID is missing when I reply from the threads menu. Since Mattermost performs client-side input validation to ensure that all required fields are filled, no call is sent due to the empty channel ID in the body

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