When i click on DM it shows all registered user on our mattermost server is there any way to to hide that i want only know user can connect between each other? We are planning an big public server for people.

Hi, @vibhi

As far as I know, Mattermost does not have such feature that allows admins to control and limit visibility of the entire set of users to specific accounts since the purpose of Mattermost encourages collaboration between teams through chatting, sharing files, channel specific communication, and many more.

In your case, you might want to create separate teams to limit communication among a specific set of users rather than having a big public server. Out of curiosity nevertheless, may I know the use case of limiting communication among users? For example, is this a special requirement that allow users from the same department to only chat among each other?

Thanks for reply @dannymohammad
Mine user case isnt related to teams or Company/department.

So we wanted to give our user an solid complete alternative to whats app that is opensource and doesn’t mine any type of data.and User friendly.So The only issue we have is this as People use whats app so they can connect to only known user and mattermost show everyone when click on DM so if something like that can be doen that would be awesome

I looked into XMPP the issue there is basically its not that user friendly and apps to seems complicated for normal users,

Looks like no help regarding that huh!

Hi, @vibhi

Pardon me for the radio silence as I was away for the last couple of days. I am double checking with the team to see if there is any of achieving this nevertheless.

I came across the following suggestion that discusses the need to disable direct messaging, which could also be applied in your scenario.

However, another scenario needs to be taken into consideration where users create private channels as another alternative as mentioned here:

So, a lot of things to take into consideration here.

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Hello again, @vibhi

I received confirmation from the team on the following:

More-or-less the answer is ‘no’. However, this is in our roadmap via a feature called “ethical boundaries” which prevents one group of users from communicating with another group of users.

That said, there is a plugin that allows one to disable DMs via this plugin

You can find some early design/requirements documentation of the feature in the channel header here

Perhaps you can give the plugin a try and let me know if it helps to cater to the requirement that you have for now. Additionally, I would recommend you to join the channel for more visibility on the planned feature.

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I think you didnt understand me what i wanted so I wanted that only known user can dm each other For example in Whatsapp You can only chat with person that has your number or you have that persons number.

Right now in mattermost when you click on + DM it basically shows you all the registered user on the there something can be doen on that side.

I am dying to use mattermost as its just so smooth and I love the UI . It connect faster its just perfect.

Hello, @vibhi

Allow me to understand the requirement that you have a little better. In this case, you would like to have a functionality similar to WhatsApp, which will only allow users to chat with users that are added to their contact list (in this case, email). I hope I get this right.

Sample use case:

  1. I signed up for Mattermost using email address
  2. Once logged in, I add the following users to my contact list (,,
  3. I can then establish conversation with 3 users only and / or create a room to add all of them to chat together
  4. Other user (for example can add other users to their contact list (, but it will not be visible to me

Can you please confirm if this is what you would like to achieve with Mattermost?

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Yes, You are right that is what i want.

Hi @vibhi,

This is currently not a feature that we support. Would you be open to sharing this idea on our feature request forum here:


I know that is why i am here. is there any way that i can achieve something like this its very important by the way

I will create a post on provided link

I cant find my created post on this link

How much money it gonna take to create a plugin for this?

Hi, @vibhi

Specific to this concern that you mentioned:

Can you please try to locate your post through your profile by clicking on your name on the right side of the screen? For example:

You should then be presented with the following panel, which I believe should display the post you created before. Can you please confirm on that?

Moving forward with this query that you have:

I would suggest you to also share this question to the Community Channel to see if other users might have a better idea on the cost of plugin development. Thanks.