Discarding action - error":"SqlUserStore.Get: Can not find user

Mattermost server:5.21.0 (also mysql version) Build Date: Fri Mar 13 12:16:13 UTC 2020
Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS updated with landscape
Mattermost client: 3.7.1 (but issue also in the webversion)

We started to use mattermost in +/-60 users team since covid19 situation, everything works good for some weeks but since 2 days we have troubles with only some messages.

I could reproduce when i tag multipe times somebody in one message and do this twice.
Console shows:
“Discarding action”

On the server i see in the logs: {“level”:“error”,“ts”:1587020177.9896832,“caller”:“app/post.go:404”,“msg”:“Failed to send auto response”,“user_id”:“z96kza9edtyqpxz38xz4o59kta”,“post_id”:“hmey1ed4p3bumpfu84da6q8h8h”,“error”:“SqlUserStore.Get: Kan de gebruiker niet vinden., user_id=”}

(sorry message is in dutch, but means “can not find user”)

But offcourse the number key of the user is complete correct, i checked in the console under team members.
Issue is there with any user, not only one.
Sometimes after one error 'retry - cancel" you have it also with other normal messages without perons tags. After retry, back normal. Also retry will deliver the message directly without issue.

Somebody have any idea?
I don’t have any special network issues, even i tried with terminal server (so it stays all on the same vmware, still same issue)

if i put logging on “debug” instead of “info”, i have the same errors, no more info:
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:1587021259.4136517,“caller”:“app/post.go:404”,“msg”:“Failed to send auto response”,“user_id”:“z96kza9edtyqpxz38xz4o59kta”,“post_id”:“9cz6tbanbbdr5jim3osnu18s3y”,“error”:“SqlUserStore.Get: Kan de gebruiker niet vinden., user_id=”}

@jeroenv Do you see the same issue on the latest desktop version v4.4.0?

I guess it’s solved.
Issue was caused by Mod_evasive enabled on that server.
and solved by : sudo apt remove libapache2-mod-evasive -y

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