Email error after update to 7.5.1

After updating from 7.4.0 to 7.5.1 Professional I get lots of this error in the logfile.

error [2022-11-21 09:19:47.353 +01:00] Unable to render email caller=“email/email_batching.go:344” error=“template: messages_notification.html:664:33: executing “messages_notification” at <.MessageAttachments>: can’t evaluate field MessageAttachments in type *email.postData”

It is sad that quality control of Mattermost is lacking a bit as I have to write to support each update with new errors in the log file.

Yep, same here. Disabling email batching works arround the issue. Hopefully until this is fixed within the next release.

Apologies for the bug, we’re working on a fix. As @mat1010 mentioned, disabling the batching is the workaround.