Encoding problem

Encoding problem for user name and channel header/description

Steps to reproduce
Get channel information for example

Expected behavior
If I get a channel via API the channel header / description should appear like it appear in mattermost

Observed behavior
The headerin one channel is this one :

If I get the header from API the content is different :

Hi @360 ,

this might be related to a local encoding in the server or client applications. On my system I cannot reproduce that.
Can you access the API in your browser and see if you also see the garbled content?



Thank you for the reply ! Yes by accessing to api via the browser all the accent are well displayed !

I have the problem when I ask via my powershell script. I use the Invoke-RestMethod to hit api from my powershell script. I searched on google and it looks like it is a known problem. I dit no find any solution yet.

I have found : rest - PowerShell Invoke-RestMethod Umlauts issues with UTF-8 and Windows-1252 - Stack Overflow

Alright, thanks for providing a link to the fix, very helpful for others! :slight_smile: