Error installing server with mysql

Hello, I had tried to install mattermost server on ubuntu 18.04, all was good until I typed this command,
mkdir ~/mattermost/data, and I got this error.

I checked the server status and is not working.
Any ideea ?

Such statements always make me curious. What is “all” in this context? The coffee machine on the way to the desk?

When running mkdir to create subfolder structures you have to call it with the option -p as it would otherwise bail out when your topmost dir does not yet exist.

So instead of mkdir ~/mattermost/data it needs to be mkdir -p ~/mattermost/data

PS: as with quoting when taking screenshots its always beneficial to only include relevant information in the snippet. Even better would be just copy pasting the text instead of making a picture if the message is just plain text.

Thx for asking, I’m a newbie with linux, now I started to learn how is working. I did like you said and I got this error now.

What kind of documentation are you following?

From the error message you did not create a MySQL database for Mattermost to use.

I’m following this tutorial.

I would rather recommend to follow Mattermosts own documentation. They also have a manual for Xenial, but if I’d start today I would rather use Ubuntu Bionic (the current lts release)

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