Error when exporting


I get an error when using the export csv command whenever a picture was posted

Steps to reproduce

Post a pictures, run export to csv command

Expected behavior

I would expect it to export correctly.

Observed behavior

I get the error after running ./mattermost export csv --exportFrom=1513102632

Error: Reader: Encountered an error opening a reader from local server file storage, open data/20190612/teams/noteam/channels/8wo51qpurprnjfrkich6cufh5o/users/py8by1h6fpbt7g4am4xcmu75gw/bajobj7xubdf8fe4a1s4opq6dw/Capture.JPG: no such file or directory

The file and directory do exist, the correct path is /opt/mattermost/the rest from above.
What am i doing wrong?

Hi @RcTomcat, what Mattermost server version are you on?

Hi @amy.blais, thank you for your reply.
I am using the latest 5.11.0, downloaded and installed it today.

Using the fixed path opt/mattermost/data/ in the site configurator instead of the default ./data/. seems to solve the problem.