[feature] purge or store uploaded media in another service


Like Mattermost clients made very easy to upload media (image, document, …) in a message, after years, messages database can get very very large.

2 plugin ideas come to me :

  • a plugin that add a time to live on media, like after that TTL it will be purged, and only the message’s text stay in database
  • a plugin that store media in an external Image Sharing Service (like Lutim or others)

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

AFAIK Mattermost stores files (images,…) on disk & not inside the database. Purging just the files doesn’t make any sense for me. In this case the messages should be purged, too.

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There are different use cases…
Some make textual messages with some images, and it could be great to keep text available for full-text search.
Another use case it to put only image in message, that make evidence to remove message with file(s).