File preview, any plans for improvement?

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I tried looking up news on the matter of previewing files (PDF, DOC, PAGES etc.), but did not find anything. As of now, it looks as if there’s only a download option, or are there any extensions available that would enable this?

In my office we use Pages Documents a lot (don’t ask why), does anyone know if there will ever be a preview option available for this format? It may sound like a small feature, but being able to quickly preview and read documents without saving them and finding them on your drive is a great workflow enhancement.

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A happy MM user

Hello, Arjan.

As of now, I can confirm that Mattermost 5.4.0 does not provide the actual preview of .doc. I further tested this for .txt and .pdf since it is mentioned that these media types are supported by the preview feature in the Viewing Media section:

Chat History Panel








As you notice from the screen shots attached, the preview of the file is not shown within the chat history panel itself. It will only be displayed after you click on the file itself.

Hope that helps.

In some cases file preview issues could be due to a server configuration with missing mime types.

You can see more details on this old ticket - basically a recommendation would be to install a media player or other browsers on the server which would add the missing mime types and make it work.

One person here was able to resolve a similar issue with the tips above: .

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