Finding out which user created a channel

Is there a way (i.e. for a team admin) to find out who created a channel?
Especially for “old” channels it is quite impractical to scroll all the way up to find the creator.

This is available in the mobile app where you can click on the channel header to see more info including who created the channel. I’m unsure why the same functionality is not on webapp.

We are using the desktop client, as our server is running on premise in an “intranet”.
Do you have experiences with that client?

Hello, @KFleischerDRV

While the current method to obtain the original creator of the channel is to scroll all the way to the beginning of it (which is impractical especially for channels that have a lot of content):

Unlike the Mattermost mobile app that we have here:

I have created the following suggestion to keep track of this:

Cast your vote(s) and share additional thought on this if you have more to add. Thanks.

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Thanks. Hopefully such minor changes (that are not as sexy as the big ones) will see some love from the devs.

I consider the topic closed/solved.

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