Gitea OAuth2 Provider support

The team edition currently only supports GitLab as an OAuth2 provider. This is very limiting.
Gitea is a really great and popular open source, community supported Git server.
I would love to see Mattermost support for using Gitea as an OAuth2 Provider.

See my proposal here:

Necrobumping this, gitea has willing developers and the issue has quite a few votes. Is it possible for a mattermost upstream developer to weigh in here?

I think a general support for Oauth2/Openid Connect would be even better, than having a custom integration into Gitea (don’t get me wrong I like gitea as well).

There is also an item on the feature proposal site for OpenID Connect: (with more votes than the Gitea one)

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I’d be far more in favor of OpenID connect.

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