GitLab Mattermost needs your help: We Couldn't find the existing account

UPDATE: For anyone still hitting this error message, please see trouble shooting guide.

This error occurs when a user creates an account with email/password and attempts to log in to GitLab Mattermost using the GitLab SSO option.

In GitLab 8.0 omnibus, this should no longer be an issue since the default install will only permit GitLab Mattermost account creation via GitLab SSO (remove confusion by remove email-based account creation in default setup).

Also, Mattermost will be updating the error message for v0.8.0 to make the issue more clear.

So, how do you fix this issue? I don’t see an obvious way to, say, destroy and recreate broken accounts.


Hi @Burstaholic,

You can set ByPassEmail=true temporarily and change the email accounts so new accounts can be created.

Then as Team Admin use the “Team Settings->Manage Members” to deactivate the invalid accounts.

Will this be fixed on 0.8 version?

Hi @folpindo, this isn’t an issue with Mattermost, the fix was needed in GitLab omnibus configuration and the correction has already been made. If you run the GitLab 8.0 omnibus, which ships on the 22nd, you shouldn’t have this issue.

Mattermost is making the error message more clear in v0.8.0

So, what do you do when the broken account is the only Team Admin (e.g. mine). Can I delete old teams somehow?

With the new GitLab update I decided to take a look at this again.

Hi @Burstaholic, for archival purposes there’s not a way to delete teams. There’s a ticket to enable teams to be deactivated:

Until then, there's the database option: [SOLVED] How can I delete teams?