Gitlab profile picture not shown on mattermost user profile after gitlab authentication for mattermost

@agriesser @agnivade @AshishDhama I hope you are good and doing well. I have enable gitlab login authentication for mattermost login by following given guidelines of mattermost ( GitLab Single Sign-On — Mattermost documentation ). It works fine. But now I want when a user login on mattermost via gitlab authentication then profile picture of that user on gitlab will also update on mattermost. but unfortunately I didn’t succeed. Can you guide me how we can achieve it? I will be thankful to you for your support.

@amy.blais Can you guide about it. I shall be very thankful to you.

Hi manzoor77,

I’m not sure if this is possible at the moment, I did read through the configuration options and only found a way to “sync” the profile pictures from an Active Directory/LDAP source.
I’m not familiar with GitLab on that level, so I’m not sure if they would support pulling the profile pictures using an API, if they do, you could then in turn use a small tool to set the profile pictures for your accounts using the Mattermost API call SetProfileImage.