Gitlab Single Sign on Choice Requires Password

Installed mattermost on my omnibus system, using the instructions here.

The install seems to be fine, ssl all seems okay. When I browse to, I am redirected to signup_user_complete.

This gives me the “Preview Mode: Email notifications have not been configured” clicky across the top, and Create an account with: GitLab Single-Sign-On

Clicking GitLab Single-Sign-On gives me the oauth/authorize page.

When I click authorize, I’m rewarded with:

GitLab Mattermost needs your help:
Your password must contain at least 5 characters.

Go back to Mattermost

How do I assign this password?

Error Log

[2017/02/15 19:51:54 UTC] [EROR] /signup/gitlab/complete:User.IsValid code=500 rid=887djxpdai88tbdo4e8zzd4xoy uid= ip=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Your password must contain at least 5 characters. [details: ]


GitLab 7.16.5
GitLab Shell 3.1.1
GitLab Workhorse v0.3.0
GitLab API v2
Git 1.10.2
Ruby 1.3.3p222
PostgreSQL 8.2.18

Hi @doug_nsixty

Thanks for your report.

Just want to clarify so we can try to reproduce the issue:

  • The password required when logging in via GitLab SSO is your GitLab password - just checking that this password is longer than 5 characters?

Perhaps there will also be suggestions on GitLab’s technical support site