Hooks in Private Groups and Direct Messages

Hello MM community, thank you for this awesome product.

I’m wondering if there are any plans/possibility to add outgoing hooks for private groups and private messaging?



There’s security and privacy issues around this, potentially some UI could be created to make it obvious to users when an outgoing webhook in non-public channel is about to be sent…

Could we have your help adding a feature idea that can be upvoted gauge the demand?

Just an update on this, the ability to add webhooks to private groups is planned for the future - there is a ticket here tracking it.

Helllo guys,

I am using your product and it’s really outstanding. I saw this feature was marked as “Won’t fix” what i suppose this will not get in development anytime soon. Is this correct?

I would like to add up to the users that find this feature valuable. I understand the security and privacy concerns about the feature itself when applied to private conversations.

I would like just to suggest something in that matter. What if this feature of “outgoing hooks on Private groups” could be added only by the system admin ? ( not team admins )

Since i use Private Groups only as a “public” group of specific roles of users inside my company i may not so worried about the privacy of such groups. Maybe this is a specific usage of the “private group” feature, don’t know if there is any other way to solve it…

thank you.

Thanks @wlongo,

You might check out the Bots section in Community Applications, as you can use these to add a bot account to a private channel and get close to what you want I think.

Please let us know what you think (and if you try it, what the results might be?)

In my mind, it’s higher priority to add more bot support than to put outgoing webhooks into private channels. You can see when there’s a bot in your channel listening, it’s harder to tell when there is an outgoing webhook listening.


Thank you very much for your suggestions about Bots ! I didn’t see this before !

What i am planning to do here is, in a way, a bot that will listen to certain keywords on a private group, and provide formatted responses with some analytics from our internal systems related to our business. So, it’s actually a bot.
What i checked so far, is that there are some bot implementations using bot accounts but none of them are in ruby ( what i am using here… ). Since there is no driver for the Mattermost webservice API for ruby yet, i will try to do something here.

Since this will take a little more time that i have available to deliver this integration, what i will do for now is to rely on the Webhook interface for a quick turnaround.
Since today there is no official support for outgoing webhooks on private groups, i will try to use a outgoing webhook on a public channel to listen for keywords and commands and reply the information on the private groups through incoming webhooks. Let’s see how it goes.

This product is awesome and i see a lot of possibilities regarding integrations with our corporate systems here.

Thanks anyway for your help and your quick reply!

Thanks @wlongo!

Please let us know if you end up developing anything you’d like to share back to the community

For anyone who’s considering making a Ruby Driver, please note that Web Service APIs are being upgraded soon (after which, they shouldn’t need changes for a while).