Outgoing Webhooks for private messages

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m a Student at the TU Kaiseslautern. Currently I’m working on my study project at the DFKI Kaiserslautern. My task is to develop a chat bot with RASA. The DFKI uses Mattermost. Now I want to connect my Rasa bot with Mattermost using a Outgoing Webhook. (Link to Rasa Docu: https://core.rasa.com/connectors.html#Mattermost)
If I understand the Mattermost documentation right, I only can use Public Chats with Outgoing Webhooks.
So my question ist are their any possibilities to get outgoing Webhooks working in privat chats?
Maybe you can provide me with a other solution to get a connection between Mattermost and Rasa.

I thank you very much for your help.


Hi @Jan747! Thank you for reaching out.

If you need a trigger that works in a private channel or a direct message, consider using a slash command instead. Let me know if this helps?