Is it possible to created a standalone chat app using Mattermost?

Hi everyone, first of all, I’m new to Mattermost
we have to create a chat app for an android/ios/web to message from one device to another

first I was trying on web to web
I’ve been to Mattermost API category (Api Link) and looked at every category
I found no API like send message/ receive a message, after doing some google
I got to know that we have to use incoming webhook and outgoing webhook
then I created an incoming webhook I can able to send messages to a group/channel and to a direct person without any problems

now to come to receive a message on another web device which I just sent using incoming webhook, I created an outgoing webhook

  1. outgoing webhook cannot be created on a private/direct message then how I receive a message?
  2. what are trigger points could I simply receive all the messages sent on a group I mean can’t I just ignore trigger words?

can you guys give me a hint on how to send and receive messages to external devices properly?
thank you in advance

Hi buddy, possible thou, but have a look at this guide Using Mattermost Desktop App — Mattermost 5.35 documentation published by Mattermost themselves, this should help.

Roel Hackett

Did this help buddy? If not refer to any of these guides: Tutuapp or Showbox