How do you set the Mattermost client to autoload history?

Currently when a user scrolls up they have to click “Load more messages.” How can this be set to automatically load more in an auto-pager fashion similar to HipChat? Or set it such that when a user get’s close to the cutoff of history, it just automatically starts loading more repeatedly?

Hi @ylluminate,

There is a PR open to add an “infinite scroll” feature, would this be what you are looking for:

There is no set release date for this feature yet, but it’s in progress!

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That is fantastic, yes thanks for isolating that. This will be most helpful and appears to be aimed at the 5.2 release. I think having this is a great first step and perhaps we can get to a point where there are some additional functions for lager scrollback that I’ll bring up at that point once it’s ready for consumption.