How to change the Notification Sound in Mobile and Desktop?


I am using Mattermost Android app to receive notification and messages. But it is very confusing to distinguish between other notification and Mattermost notification.

It takes the default notification tone of mobile and desktop.

Please provide the option to change the notification sound or if there is any method to do that then please let me know.

Hello, @anshuman

Thank you for bringing this up. We actually have an existing thread discussing about this feature here:

I would recommend you to cast your vote(s) as well as keep an eye on the JIRA ticket as well here - MM-467: Design: Account Settings option to select different notification sounds (sound files attached)

Hope that helps. Feel free to share any other concerns that you have about Mattermost and the community will be happy to help.

Thank you so much for reply @ahmaddanial.

I have one another question posted here How to generate different public URL domain for sharing the static files with externals?

I am not getting any reply on this post.

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Hi, @anshuman

You are most welcome. I’ll take a look at that one and share my thoughts on it. Thanks.

There is also my idea proposal listed here:

Please review, vote and/or merge this idea/proposal as well.

Thank you

Is it possible to manually replace, on the server, the file of a sound with another sound file? (with the same name, format, access right, …)