How to Comment on Previous Post from Incoming Webhook


I’m new to webhooks and integrations with mattermost. I have an outgoing webhook that sends a post in a channel to some code that formats a response back as a bot to an incoming webhook. How do I make that response a comment post type on a previous post in that same channel?

I currently send the original post_id back to the incoming webhook, but that does not work.


Hi @devguy1! Apologies for late reply.

Does this feature request describe what you are experiencing:

I’m not sure if we support this ‘feature’ yet, so feel free to join Peer-to-peer Help channel or Developer Toolkit channel on our build server to see if the community knows any known work-around!

Hi @amy.blais.

I think that feature request describes what I need, but I don’t understand why this isn’t possible as is…seems like you just need to send the parent_id with the response_type set to “comment”. I’m just not entirely sure what’s required so maybe a new feature does need to be added first.

Could I achieve this through the use of a custom plugin? Or is that the same issue?