How to handle three-letter team names?

I have several well-established (real life) teams that have corresponding groups in Gitlab with projects related to their team. These group names are acronyms that are well established and aren’t going to change. I’ve run into a problem because a couple of them are three letters long, and Mattermost seems to force a 4 character minimum for team names. I can’t seem to get a team to create with a three letter name corresponding to the Gitlab group name.

How can I overcome this seemingly arbitrary limitation? I am not enabling team creation in my instance so people trying to use reserved words like “API” is not likely to be a problem, there are just a couple three letter acronyms for which I want to override the restriction.

The restriction was created at the start of the project when we wanted to avoid collisions with /api and future paths that we might need to add.

It could potentially be removed now, I’ve opened a ticket to track this and it should go to triage after the weekend.

This came up a few times before, I couldn’t find an existing ticket but there might be one out there…

Should it also allow a longer Group name? It seems to be limited to 22 chars for Channel or Private Group.

Best is put these restrictions into the Config setup so it can be defined as required…

longer names would be better as well - the team I"m trying to create is 16 chars and if there isn’t a technical reason for this length it would be nice if the restriction were removed or easily configurable