How to know which user deleted the posts (not his own)

Hi folks!
Get odd situation to understand which user deleted not his own posts. I see deleted messages in “posts” table and able to restore them. But I don’t see any data to undetstand which user did it.
table like:

id                         |   createat    |   updateat    |   deleteat    |           userid           |         channelid          |        
zk8riy14mfdpuex4oxksk7ydny | 1524776833460 | 1524821617661 | 1524821617661 | eoqo1fxck78gppqiwm5rkma6zo | a86jhzjbi3gmiy8azptakk3hja |      

Could you please show me the method how can I do that?

Hi @muirdok,

Thank you for reporting this! According to our engineers, we don’t record who deletes a post, so unfortunately there is no way to see this in the database.

Let me know if you need any further assistance with this!

Hi @muirdok,

We’ve opened a ticket for discussion by the team to see whether this can be added.