How to restart Mattermost if using Mattermost Web

Hi, I am using mattermost web for Mac, I installed it via docker as said here:

I managed to configure the SMTP features, my collegues actually receive the invitations for joining the group I created but it gets stuck. I imagine this could be due to the URL configuration. I changed the URL name of the group but it says a “restart of the server is necessary” which I have no idea of how to do. It may sound very naive but I am not experienced on Docker nor in this type of informatics at all.

I hope you can help. Thanks,


Hello, @nuriaher

May I know if you have tried to stop and start the container using these commands to verify that the instance is up again?

docker stop mattermost-preview
docker start mattermost-preview

It worked for me, so it should work on your end too.

Take note that the preview mode is using an older version of Mattermost:

I would recommend you to check on the Production Docker Deployment if you are planning to explore more on the latest version of Mattermost 5.17.1: