How to solve this error message " "Token request failed","detailed_error":"","request_id":"rprjicgpy7ytm845rwho69jibr"

With the new installation i’m doing with Gitlab and Mattermost every is progressing well up to have now the error message:

{“id”:“api.user.authorize_oauth_user.token_failed.app_error”,“message”:“Token request failed”,“detailed_error”:"",“request_id”:“rprjicgpy7ytm845rwho69jibr”,“status_code”:500}

Somebody already have in the past the error or know where the problem is coming from?

I think that after i will solve this problem everything will work great.
Please, all help and suggestions will be appreciated.


The log file at /var/log/gitlab/mattermost/current will give you a better idea of what went wrong. Look for the string “rprjicgpy7ytm845rwho69jibr” in the log file.

Without having a better idea of when the error message appeared, it’s difficult to determine a solution. Were you using GitLab SSO? With or without https?