How to use query parameter in API?

Hello all,

i used posts api. ({channel_id}~1posts/get)

why not working all query parameter?

I’m on Mattermost 5.14.2…

thanks in advance

Hi, @taeseong

Thanks for sharing this. So, there is a bug that was raised to address the issue with the usage of since and per per_page parameter (besides page as well):

I recommend you to add this to your watchlist to keep yourself notified for updates from the team when a fix is in plan. Feel free to share any other concerns that you have.

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Hi, everyone.

Got the confirmation from @agnivade that it is working as designed.

The since param is mutually exclusive with page and per_page. We could add pagination for since but I am guessing the app doesn’t require it, so we haven’t added it. Adding that would be a separate feature request.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.