How to using implicit flow keycloak with react native?

  • I need to get access_token from keycloak.
  • Currently, I am getting grant_type = client_credentials and client_id, client_secret;
  • But due to some system requirements, we need to use implicit flow. But I can’t get the password so I can’t get the token with grant_type = password .
  • I use react native and am using curl to get tokens. Is there any solution that can help me? Please?

@AiTranXuan Hello! Have you read the documentation for keycloak implicit flow, which can be found here?

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I have read the documentation for this section and found that, if using implicit flow, and using Keycloak Server OIDC URI Endpoints, with grant_type = password the username and password are required. But I can’t get the user’s username and password, so I don’t know how to proceed. :worried:

I’m doing a bit more research, and was wondering if you were by any chance using LDAP?

I using mattermost mobile, use SSO for login

I’m not entirely sure if this is an implicit flow oriented solution, but, if it is, this should help you figure out where there may have been issues in the initial configuration: