Https on omnibus in different listen port

Well, it seems that I still can’t have everything right. Now I have HTTPS but I need the listening port to be another than 443 because on the router I have a nat with a different external port. But I have tried to put it in my valid fqdn address where the certificate is created with the sudo edit mmomni.yml command since in the web console this value is disabled by the installation of Mattermost with omnibus, but if I add the external port, in this case the 2445, to try to listen from there the web server, then I do not validate the certificate the mmomni reconfigure command. How can I change the listening port (default 8065 or 443 if https is enabled) on Mattermost omnibus? Thanks in advance.

I think I have not explained myself very well and the problem is not understood. I will try to explain:
In omnibus when you create the installation, it asks you dns domain and mail to create the SSL certificate. He then creates a certificate at the address on port 443 by default. But I need the port on the router to be different and do a nat from outside on port 2445 to-> 443 with the local ip of the omnibus server. The problem is that when you use the address and create a team and send invitations to users to join, the mail sent by mattermos and all the links that are generated from the server, only carries the domain without any port, so the invitation does not work because does not make the nat of 2445 to-> 443 and can not connect. I understand then that this change that is made in the Mattermost web console (disabled by the omnibus script as shown by the console) in the part of “Listening address:” and “Site URL:” must be done for the web server to work properly, but I do not know where this change can be made, any help? Thanks again, I’m frustrated and I don’t know how to use omnibus which is very easy and simple to install, but difficult to set up some things.