Incoming Webhook - send into direct message channel between two other users


we use a software where I implemented an Incoming Webhook call to Mattermost, to notify another user of something. (I.e.: "Have a look at this : ")
This is sent to the user as direct message via “channel”: “@username”. The problem I’m facing is, I’d like to send it “in the name of” the user, that triggered the webhook in the other software tool, as a direct message between “user.A” and “user.B”. At the moment it sends it as direct message between Webhook user “Webbot” and “user.B”.

The advantage I’d see in changed behaviour is:

  • users see what they recommended/notified about
  • sending and addressed user can start a conversation about that topic right away

I could see a solution/workaround in creating webhook for every user in the system, but I’d prefer an easier solution if possible… :wink:

Thanks in advance

Hi @robbash,

Thank you for this suggestion! Would there be anything in this doc that might help as a start:

Hi @amy.blais

I couldn’t find a solution to my problem in these docs so far. :frowning:


@robbash No problem! I will ask our engineers to take a look if there is a known workaround for this!

@robbash, thanks for the feature suggestion! You’re right that incoming webhooks are limited to effectively sending from the user that created the webhook. (You can superficially allow overriding of the username, but as you’ve pointed out, that doesn’t change the underlying semantics in the case of a direct message.)

I’ll raise it with the team in case there are other options, but I suspect incoming webhooks will remain limited this way for now. There’s the possibility that our beta support plugins may provide the power you’re looking for, but there’s lots of work to be done there.