Inconsistent statistics for site and team

In my deployment we have only one team and all users are members of that team. In the Site Statistics, the Total Posts and Active Users With Posts charts show values that are nearly double the ones shown under Team Statistics. This makes no sense to me. We do have some posts from bots but there are maybe one or two bot users in total. I don’t know which stats to believe or how they are calculated.

Can someone elucidate?

I have seen this ever since we first installed back on some early version. We are now on 4.4.1. We have only ever had one team. The ratio has always seemed to be roughly the same.

@gubbins Both are correct. The team statistics exclude direct message channels, which are not tied to a team. That’s probably why you see the difference.

I’ve made a pull request to clarify this in our documentation:

Ah, it all becomes clear! Thanks. Probably worth making it clear on the
console itself as well as docs?

I would also be interested in the count of posts with/without bots. Are
bots included in the stats? We had one day with 10 times more posts than
usual and I suspect bot activity.

Thanks @gubbins! Good point. I’ve created a ticket to add a note in the System Console as well.

As for the post count - it does include all messages, including those from bots.