Information on SAML


Is the Account -> sign-on option to switch to SAML integration available only in Enterprise version ? Not in trial version ?
Also , Authentication -> SAML on system console option.
Is there any way to generate SAML xml for Mattermost to upload to custom IDP ?


Hello @srikanthtns,

If you request a trial license, you will receive a 30-day Mattermost Enterprise Edition E20 Trial License which will include all Enterprise features, including SAML. Once SAML is enabled in the System Console, your users can create an account with SAML, or switch their existing account to SAML from Account Settings > Security > Sign-in Method.

As for generating the xml file - do you mean the file used to set up encryption? If so, you can generate the encryption files using the scripts here.

Than Jason , we dont use OKTA / ADFS for saml xml creation , we are our corp IDP. To integrate into corp IDP , we need metadata xml of saml from Mattermost. Question is on how to create saml xml for mattermost ?

Thanks @srikanthtns, I see what you mean. This is certainly possible - after you finish the configuration in the system console for SAML, you can download the XML via /api/v3/admin/saml_metadata.

Let me know if you have further questions about SAML setup