Install on ispconfig Debian9 with docker =connection reset


I have a server installed with ispconfig managing email, web sites, etc. it’s a debian 9. I try to install the lastest docker version on my server but I always get a connection reset when I try to connect to my server.

docker seems to be up :
$ docker ps
1bf906f6fb15 mattermost-docker_app “/ matt…” 23 seconds ago Up 18 seconds (health: starting) 8000/tcp mattermost-docker_app_1
6bd5a9d4320e mattermost-docker_db “/ post…” 23 seconds ago Up 17 seconds (health: starting) 5432/tcp mattermost-docker_db_1
12225c5d01fe mattermost-docker_web “/” 23 seconds ago Up 17 seconds (health: starting)>4433/tcp, 80/tcp,>8065/tcp mattermost-docker_web_1

I saw some people added iptables rules. I tried with no success. i tried a Nmap on my server, port 8065 doesn’t seem to listen.

i’m running out of ideas. Any help would be really appreciated

@pichouk Is this a docker related issue?

@amy.blais Maybe

Hi @Chag, do you have any log messages from your containers ? On your snippet, I can see that all your container are in starting health state, meaning the application is not correctly running. Maybe you can found a log error message on one of the containers.

Hi @pichouk,
the container is in starting mode because I restarted it. Few seconds later it was in running and healthy state. It looks like the container is ok but there’s some kind of problem with iptables. I’ll try to setup a very simple container with basic nodejs hello world to try to fbd the right network/iptables configuration

I just saw that your web container bind your 8065 port to the port 8065 of the container. Same with port 4433.

The web container listen requests on port 80 only (port 443 too if you configure it) so I think what you want to do is the bind port 8065 of your host to port 80 of your web container.

Normally you should bin port 80 of your host to port 80 of your container. I guess that you already have another process listening on port 80 of your host. If this process is a reverse proxy, I encourage you to use it in front of app container instead of the web container. or at least use it in front of the web container, and terminate HTTPS on your reverse proxy.

Hi @pichouk,
I have a webserver working on this server (among other services) and I’d like Mattermost to be an optional service, not the main. I thought I could change the mattermost port by editing the file docker-compose.yml. Am I wrong ?

Think I found the problem. in docker-compose.yml, I typed
- “80:80”
- “443:443”
instead of
- “8065:80”
- “4430:443”

looks better now

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Thanks @pichouk for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:
I now have an other issue but i’ll open a new thread