Is it possible to export all chat history from a single user?

Can I export all chat history by a single user? If so, how? And preferably within a date range.

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The ability to export a single user’s chat history is indeed available. You can export messages from the System Console if you have administrative rights. Following is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the System Console
  2. Under REPORTS tab, select Compliance Reports
  3. Click Run Compliance Report
  4. Fill out the information including the user’s name and the date range you are looking for
  5. Click Run

This should export all the chat messages from the user within the specified date range.

Please be aware that the export feature may be dependent on the license and subscription level of your Mattermost server, and it’s also important to respect privacy regulations in the use of this data.

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Yeah, well, it seems we have too old a version for that. I only have these options under “Reporting”:
I do have a separate “Compliance” section, but those options seem to require a more extensive license:

Oh, well. The immediate need is no longer as acute, so I’ll just leave this for now.

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