Is Redis still used?

Is redis still used by Mattermost ?
The make file still deploy redis in docker but I don’t see any redis reference in the code.

Hi Jean-Yves,

Redis should no longer be used by Mattermost. I just submitted a PR to remove it from the makefile: Thanks for pointing that out!


Hi, can I ask what, if anything, do you use now instead of Redis?

(I did a brief search in the GitHub issue list, didn’t find anything about something that replaces Redis)

Hi KajMagnus,

Currently we don’t have a replacement for Redis. We are working on a plan to support some of the features that Redis provided. When this plan is available it will be made public.


Hi @KajMagnus,

Originally Mattermost had Redis to support SaaS and scale out scenarios, however the requirement caused issues for users trying to install on-prem, and it was removed,

Can you help us understand more about your interest in Redis?

Our focus is building for the community and we’re eager to understand product priorities from different points of view,

Hi @it33, actually, I was interested in what you did instead of Redis, because as a hobby project I develop discussion software for the Internet — and I’m thinking that what is good for you, might be good for me too. Also, we use Redis at work, and that’s another reason I was curious about what you did instead.

Best regards, KajMagnus