Cluster and maximum concurrency supported?

Hi! I wonder whether this program can be run on a cluster? If so, I wonder how much concurrency can it have on what kind of clusters? For instance, suppose I buy 4 EC2 4core 8GB machine for backend as well as database, then how much concurrency will it support at maximum? Thanks!

Hello, @fzyzcjy

To answer your question, yes. Mattermost supports high availability clustering for E20 license offering based on the High Availability Cluster (E20).

No specific number / information from the official documentation. However, upon failure of one component, the remaining application servers, database servers, and load balancers must be sized and configured to carry the full load of the system. If this requirement is not met, an outage of one component can result in an overload of the remaining components, causing a complete system outage.

Thanks very much! However, my boss needs to know how many (and what kind of) servers we need to serve the need in order to compare with other products, so how can I get that information and persuade my boss to use this product?

Hi, @fzyzcjy

You are welcome. In that case, I would recommend you to check on the following documentations and let me know if you require further help beyond the information provided in those articles:

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks very much! I will have a look at that!

By the way, my boss asked me why Mattermost does not use Redis or Memcache or something like that, since it is normal to have such as a caching layer to boost the speed… So how should I reply? Thanks!

As far as i remember, it is planned to implement redis. But no ETA

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Ah… So it seems that without redis the speed is much slower…? How can I persuade my boss saying that this is not needed?

I don’t think this is the case. I mean Mattermost is running world wide on clusters and it is working fine. What is your concern?