Mattermost Team Edition server cluster


Dose anyone knows if:

  1. you can setup Mattermost Team Edition server cluster?
  2. you can setup Mattermost Team Edition load balancing server?

How is the exchange of data by authorization in the EE edition of the cluster?

I dont understand is this massage for me? or are you answering my question?

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Hi @jsmith,

High availability clustering is currently supported in Mattermost Enterprise Edition E20.

How big is your team size? Clustering isn’t necessary in smaller teams.

Hi Jason,

Similar to this question. I have 3000+ users that I want to bring onto Mattermost team edition. Is that possible or would i run into issues?


Thanks @alimirza_nva for the question!

We have recommended hardware size requirements in Team Edition here:

Although the recommendations are currently for up to 2000 users, it should also be sufficient for 3000 users.

The link also includes a reference to our load testing framework, if you want to confirm system performance by simulating usage of your 3000+ users.

Hi @jasonblais, thanks for the response.

A few follow up questions.

  1. You mentioned the recommendation is 2000 users but we should be fine with 3000 as well. At what sort of user numbers should Mattermost team edition admins start getting worried about performance and other issues on the single team edition server?

  2. a. In the docs (, is info provided under heading of ‘hardware requirements > Hardware Sizing for Enterprise Deployments (Multi-Server)’ applicable to team edition deployments or only to deployments of E10 or E20? Seemed a little ambiguous so thought I would confirm.

    b. For our Mattermost team edition architecture, in addition to the mattermost server, we were thinking of having separate proxy and database servers with attached storage (

    Are separate mattermost, proxy and database servers allowed with team edition or only with enterprise editions?

    c. Would separate mattermost, proxy and database servers be suitable for a team edition deployment of 3000-10000 users? We are at 3000 right now but expecting to scale up at 5-10% every year.

    d. For 3000-10000 user deployments of mattermost team edition, any settings (notification, team/channel size etc.) that you would recommend for optimal performance and usability?

  3. On team edition, is Mattermost usable if one specific team is close to 300-400 users instead of the typical 10-100 that is recommended.

  4. Is the load testing framework only compatible with enterprise edition or with team edition as well?

Really appreciate your help with this!

Thanks @alimirza_nva for these excellent questions

1 - It highly depends on activity (e.g. how many are actively using the system at the same time, and how many messages are posted in a daily basis), so we don’t have a concrete number on that. Although we do have plans to give more specific guidelines in the future. The best way would be to use the loadtesting framework and simulate a typical usage of your system.

2a - It’s targeted for the Enterprise Edition, given Team Edition doesn’t support a highly available clustering environment
2b - Yea, that’s supported. But Team Edition doesn’t support multiple Mattermost app servers for instance.
2c - Similar to my response to 1
2d - Our install guides are already geared for optimal performance and usability at the moment. Although if there are specific areas of concern, we’d be happy to take a closer look at your case.
3 - Yeah, we have deployments with 10,000s of users on a single team. That number was simply used as an assumption when we ran the tests. Although to be honest, I suspect that number is outdated and we should modify it. This number has now been removed, as it’s no longer relevant.
4 - Yeah, it definitely works for both.

Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile: