Am I missed if mattermost can be deployed with master-slave MySQL database?

Hello friends! Does anyone have experience running mattermost team edition with master-slave MySQL database? I was unable to find information on this topic, but maybe I was searching the wrong way.

Hello, @TheRND

The configuration for high availability on Mattermost is available on the E20 offering as mentioned in the High Availability Cluster:

Use the read replica feature to scale the database. The Mattermost server can be set up to use one master database and multiple read replica databases. Mattermost distributes read requests across all databases, and sends write requests to the master database, and those changes are then sent to update the read replicas.

May I know if it is a crucial requirement for you to have it? If yes, give the Trial a shot and see if it is align with your needs.

It’s important but not crucial. One more question - I found a place in code, where license is checked to make slave DB feature available. Is it legal to patch this check and rebuild server from source to use slave DB? (I’m not too good in licensing issues and such)

Hello, @TheRND

Can you explain a little bit more on the patch that you are referring to? By default, you need the E20 license to run the multi-database configuration. So, I am not entirely sure what you mean.

Once I get the clarification, I will reach out to the team internally to verify this.