Dual Servers for mattermost

Good afternoon, I would like to know if there is a possibility of connecting a dedicated server to the other for more performance, for example, if I have a 32GB RAM server and do not upgrade, this is not enough, another 32GB RAM? There must be a way?

Mattermost supports multiple servers in a high availability mode for E20 licenses. However, our hardware sizing recommendations show that 32GB of RAM should be enough to support 1,000 to 2,000 registered users.

Yes I know it supports about 1k-2k though, I wonder if there is any way to interconnect more than one dedicated to the same mattermost software so that there is more performance

Only our E20 license supports running Mattermost in high availability mode. You can find more information about HA mode here

One thing you can do is to try offloading as much as possible from the Mattermost server by running your PostgreSQL or MySQL servers and any proxy servers you’re running on separate servers.

If it is possible and I can do it myself, I can adapt to my way from the developer version, editing everything I need, in this case, dual servers and even other things, make 100% changes and compile? It’s allowed?

Might be related but I believe we have in our tech moonshots (only in marinating phase - “Tool to merge servers” but no one/team is starting on it yet). Definitely allowed, it’s open and you may extend it to support your immediate use case.