Is there a way to deploy multiple instances of Mattermost in one vps?

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if there is a way to run multiple instances of Mattermost server in one VPS I mean maybe 2 teams or 2 clients hosted in the same VPS but independent Mattermost server and different ports but same VPS, IP, etc.

Yes, absolutely no problem. You will need separate directories and databases per instance as well as separate listening ports.

Instance 1
Application directory: /opt/mattermost1
Database: mattermost1
Port: 8001

Instance 2
Application directory: /opt/mattermost2
Database: mattermost2
Port: 8002

And you will need one nginx in front of both instances that will reverseproxy the domain „“ to „localhost:8001“ and „“ to „localhost:8002“.

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