How to deploy two mattermos-server on same ububtu machine with separate docker dependencies?

Hi Friends,
I want to deploy two mattermost-server on same ubuntu machine.
How can I achieve it ?
I tried to deploy two server with two different ports but the docker dependencies are getting shared across both server. So, when I fire make stop command then both the servers dependencies are getting stopped.

Is there any way to deploy two server on same machine ?

Hello, @rajkirpalsih

This topic was discussed in the Multiple instances on one server before. Can you provide more insight on the use case of this deployment?

Is there any specific reason behind the 2 Mattermost Server in the same Ubuntu Machine? Additionally, what method did you use to deploy the instances? Were you referring to or other documentations?

Hi Ahmaddanial,
I deploy two mattermost-server on same ubuntu machine using the developer setup steps for Team Edition of mattermost.
I have created separate databases in the mysql docker image.
Also have separate port for the respective server.
Using the local file system for the storage in the ./data directory.

Hello, @rajkirpalsih

Got it. I am including this information in the topic I shared above so the users will have more visibility on the installation architecture of your Mattermost. Thanks.

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