Server population limits

Quick Q:

I run a Team Edition server with a bit over 12k members, on a 10 core, 12 GB RAM dedicated server. Looking at the load, Mattermost sits at avg 20% of one CPU core, just under mysqld. The MM instance is used day and night, across a heap of time zones. The instance performs really well: snappy, lagless. Members love it.

Doing the maths, why couldn’t this server host 50k or 100k members? Is there something I’m missing (aside from bandwidth, max number of open files/sockets, nginx worker maximums, etc)?

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Hi @RemoteHost, this doc might help:

Thanks Amy! In fact I have already read that guide, and our deployment is completely proving it wrong :slight_smile: We’re just one server, and have 12k members. It is smooooth. The guide recommends 2,000 per server, as a total max. And yet performance is fine on this 10 CPU Core system (quite a powerful server we have, however). I don’t see why we can’t go to at least 50,000 members on this instance…

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